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Our mission is to create long lasting relationships with homeowners giving them one reliable choice in all aspects of energy independence and home improvement.

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Reduce Your Impact on the Environment and save your energy dollars with our trusted, guaranteed, efficient solutions!

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The experts at Quantum Solar Corporation can help you save more energy in your home.

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Our deductible assistance program and insurance expertise saves homeowners thousands of dollars.

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We offer warranties that give you peace of mind on your investment.

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We offer complete energy saving services along with general contracting, roofing and HVAC so that you can have a job well done with the same high quality standards.

Did you know the average home has enough air leakage to add up to a two-foot square hole? That’s like leaving a medium sized window open for 24-HOURS A DAY!
Luckily, the experts at Quantum Solar Corporation can help you save more energy in your home. We offer FREE Home Energy Audits to help you to stop losing money and start saving on your energy bills every month.
New energy efficient windows give you the opportunity to save on energy costs and reduce your impact on the environment.
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Everything you need for home improvements and energy efficient solutions all in one place. Have your project completed by a caring, dependable team while enjoying peace of mind with award winning customer support and extended warranties.
I’m really digging my solar panels. A few years ago I would have been laughing at myself. I never put any stock into solar. But after I saw how much Quantum helped my sister, I was a believer. Had a $17 bill in October. Can’t wait to see what happens this summer! .
Robert Lockhart
Weatherford, TX
We are 3 months in to generating our own solar power and we couldn’t be happier. We were apprehensive at first but the warranties on the roof and replacing the roof are what really allowed us to feel comfortable. Those were the major differences between Quantum and the other companies that came out. Amber was extremely knowledgeable and polite. Great Job!
Racheal Hartley
Stephenville, TX
I really enjoyed working with these guys. They were extremely knowledgeable and always answered the phone when I had questions or needed assistance. They made the process fun. .
Jan Rosenbalm
Farmersville, TX